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Welcome to the Punch

A place for fans of the film Welcome to the Punch

Welcome to The Punch Fans
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For fans of the film Welcome to the Punch staring James McAvoy and Mark Strong
Welcome to the Punch

Greetings one an all. This is a community for all things fannish to do with the James McAvoy and Mark Strong film, Welcome to the Punch.

Welcome to the Punch

What Posts We Accept
Anything to do with Welcome to the Punch:
  • Personal reviews of the film.

  • Links to sources or mentions of the film.

  • Picspams - please put very large pictures under an LJ-cut and any more than three images under an LJ-cut.

  • Fanfic - any genre, any rating, including RPF. If posting directly to the comm please put the main story under an LJ-cut unless it is a drabble (100 wds) and please put anything adult rated under a cut. Do not link to locked posts.
    Please use a header similar to this - rating is mandatory:
    Rating: U/G, PG, 12/PG13, 15/R, 18/NC17
    Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Eran Creevy et al. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
    Author's Notes:
    Word Count:

  • Fanart Please place large images under an LJ-cut. All adult rated images must be under an LJ cut with a warning clearly visible.
    Please use a heading similar to this:
    Rating: U/G, PG, 12/PG13, 15/R, 18/NC17
    Artists's Notes:

  • Icons

  • Anything else you can think of that is fannish about Welcome to the Punch

  • Be nice to each other.

  • Do not make posts that are not to do with Welcome to the Punch or the people in Welcome to the Punch.

  • Do not advertise other comms and blogs unless you ask first and receive a yes from the mods.

  • Tag your entries - if the tag is not there, please use the !tags to indicate what type you need.